One Adventurous Night At Boratyachi Nal(बोराटयाची नाळ) - The origin of Kal(काळ) River

Very first I would like to thank god for giving such a courage, because of that only we could complete this trek successfully and second because of Prasad only I am able to write this article as informative one. 

Being the most adventurous trek, we ever had, there are lot of things, incidents, local stories I would like to write about. This was the plan for trail trek to Ratangad and kalsubai. But at the last moment, due to exams we were only the five ready to go for the trek. As we knew that this situation might occur, there was already backup trek plan for that weekend, the grand Boratyachi Nal by Prasad.

So we (Rhishi and me) gathered at Swargate Bus Stand sharp 7:30, Indrajeet already was waiting there for us. This was first time, Indrajeet and I met. Indrajeet is Prasad’s Cousin. Around 7:45 Prasad and Nikhil both came there. This was the second trek with Prasad and Nikhil after Sudhagad. All were excited and eager to reach place as soon as possible. Prasad asked for Velhe Bus at enquiry office and came to know that, next Bus is at around 8:15. 

Around 8:30 AM in the morning, we started journey towards Velhe. Traveling on the very familiar road, we were enjoying post monsoon beauty of Katraj ghat on both the side. It was lush greenery everywhere we saw. Crossing the Nasrapur and Baneshwar phata on Pune-Satara road, we headed on the main road towards Velhe. Being the small village road, we were enjoying the views of Rajgad,Suvela Machi and Nedha(Natural Needle hole made in the rock).Also the congress grass on both the side of the road studded with beautiful orange colour flowers looking like mini Sunflower. Actually this is the only season for these flowers after monsoon and lasts up to the month of the February. Reaching Velhe closer, we could see the breathtaking views of Torna, Jhunjar Machi and Budhla Machi. So crossing Margasani,Vinjhar we reached Velhe at around 10:00 AM.

Reaching VELHE,we came to know that Rishi,me and Prasad forget to withdraw money.We asked the villager for ATM,unfortunately no luck till Mahad. So collecting whatever from all,we got sufficient money to go ahead.

तसही  आम्ही कुठे  फाइव स्टार मधे रहायला जाणार होतो ? सह्याद्री मधली  पायाखालची गार जमीन  आणि आकाशात पडलेलं रात्रीचं पांढरशुभ्र चांदणं  हेच आमच्या साठी  फाइव स्टार .आणि डोंगर दर्यातून येणारी मंद वाऱ्याची झुळूक  हा आमचा एयर कंडिशनर ...कसं ?? स्वस्तात मस्त . असो. तर सांगत काय होतो ?आम्हाला ट्रेक पुरते पैसे जमले .

We packed our tank with Vadapav at चाऊ माऊ खाऊ घर The hotel near bus stand itself and headed towards Velhe Bajarpeth. From there we started journey towards VAROTI(वरोती ) via BHATTI-MADHE(भट्टी -मढे ) ghat in tempo
(goods carrier) carrying bricks and cement. on the road side we were enjoying the views of scenic CHAFET(चाफेत) dam and discussing about the ghats,forts,trekkers and their works(books,articles,etc) on trekking. After some time,the vehicle was not able  to take pick on the ghat,so we started walking on the road until tempo reach on the peak.So it was lush greenary on both the side and walking only we,the five.We could see the Budhla Machi of Torna from here.Prasad told us one historical story here,This is ghat through which dead body(मढ़) of The great maratha worrier,Narveer Tanaji Malusare was carried from Sinhagad to Raigad subsequently by MADHE ghat towards UMRATHE(उमरठे )(Poladpur) native place of this bravo.So gossiping about this we finally reached tempo,walking around 2-3 KM.Again we started travelling towards VAROTI enjoying peacefull atmosphere of little little villages.

We reached  PASALI(पासली ) phata and bought the cooking stuff, Potato,Rice,etc. After traveling nearly 13-15 KM we reached VAROTI around at 11:45 to 12:00 PM. 

Prasad asked the way towards MOHARI(मोहरी ) there to an Veteran villager and clicking the kick-off image,we started walking towards MOHARI. Mohari is around 12-15 KM from Varoti.So this was first walking patch of our trek.

Going forwards on the way,we got very good view of little dam built on the small river in the village. Now onwards, we could consider it as Heaven. No noise pollution,air pollution means no pollution at all. Everything water,air,atmosphere,people was quality,pure just like the scotch liquor. Calm atmosphere around.The farmers were working in their fields.We were trying to confirm the route to Mohari again and again by asking the people,as there may be situation when no one will be there to asked the correct way. And one farmer told us to follow those men who were already on the way towards Mohari.So We got them and started walking with them.

This was last break until we reached Mohari.As There were 2-3 hills,we needed to do up and down and now remained last one to climb.Getting new information on the way, walking with villager we were enjoying views of Torna and Rajgad on turning back.Around 2:00 PM, We reached EKALGAON village  and got the first ever sight of Lingana and the great fort Raigad.Clicking the group photo there,we went ahead to reach Singapur village.



So finally we reached Mohari around 2:40 PM. We said GOOD BYE those villager who help us for finding the way.Now then their route was different and we were going towards RAILING Pathar......

Feeling very hungry, We finish some BHEL(भेळ ) there. by feeling tank full we headed towards RAILING

Reaching Railing, awesome and breathtaking views are just waiting for us. wow wow wow wow, आई शप्पथ what a views man!!!!!!!!!!!! We all just got shivered by this sight seeing. We were experincing the views of Lingana, Raigad ,Kurdugad, Konka Diva,Dapoli village,Kal River and last but not the least, The grand Boratyachi nal. You can locate all this in pics.

After getting relaxed and enjoying the sightseeing,we started descending the Boratyachi Naal.Great! What a ridge man? seems like just unending steep & deep valley of Giant hills on both the sides. All set to start the new big adventure!!!

first of all, It took some time to find entry point i.e starting point of Boratyachi Naal and finally Prasad got the way towards Naal. So We started descending at around 4:15 PM in the clock. From this point, there was not the clear view of Naal.Though we started walking down in the ridge.The ridge showed the endurance and difficulty level at the first descend itself,even we were not getting idea of how many challenges we would get on the way. But it warned us the way is not at all easy! buddies!

Nikhil was leading the way and was responsible for finding the next easy steep(how can STEEP will be easy....... LOL). Any way any how we could descend first steep successfully. So time for celebration by means of getting relax.

After descending 2-3 big steep deep descend ,we decided to rest for while. The ridge was seems like unending gully. After relaxing for 5-10 min ,we again started another chapter of adventure.

And we got the excellent view of Lingana from the ridge. काय दिसत होता राव लिंगाणा ? एकच  नंबर! 

Then it was getting dark now, we thought we could get down towards PANE(पाणे ) village before getting dark. But the ridge was like it doesn't want to end itself. we were feeling like length of ridge is increasing whenever we descending the steep and again next one being ready for examine us. Though we were trying even in the dark. As we all were having all stuffs with us,so no worries. We were just going ahead and ahead.

Now it was too much dark and the ridge was showing its wildness,as it is becoming more and more steep. Also water was flowing at some point,making the way slippery and at some point speedy flow of water. Total silence around, no man's existence other than we five.Making our mind fearless,we were just trying to get down at ground level as early as possible. But ground level! no no no no.......we were going ahead,again steep,again steep......the ground level going ahead. So we got realized,the god is really in mood to test ourselves in middle(we even not having idea where we were) of ridge.So no other option than walking down.Nikhil was leading the fantastic way by finding the path.  

After descending 2-3 steeps, it was time for ever risky patch among all other we descended till now. Nikhil tried to find the way for descending,but no luck. Being around 9:30 PM in the clock,we all decided to take halt in the night there itself. There was water pond near to  that  place. So was the best place to stay there.First of all we needed to light camp fire to get ourselves secured. So we started finding woods for that.

Also it was the dinner time,we all got hungry. We already bought the cooking stuff on the way. We got the camp fire lighted and all delighted.Decided to make Maggi for dinner.All were seated besides fire.

Earlier,it was feeling scary to stay,but after some time we all got familiar with dead silence of jungle.The fresh and cool air around.Shining stars in the sky.Talking with our beloved friends.The atmosphere was just refreshing one and fantastic.

After half an hour the Maggi was ready for serving with all pure atmospheric flavors. And yes as expected the taste was great.Finishing Maggi,we started gossiping as we wanted to pass our time but within a hour all went to bed. Frankly saying we all were waiting for first sun ray in the dawn.

And finally, It was fine morning for what we were just waiting. I just first turn back and got the first view of starting point in the morning,clicking at the same time..Horrible one! and looking forward then, Oh My God...........The destiny was too long, we just completed around half of ridge. And next steep was dangerous and was looking more dangerous in the daylight.Also I got the excellent view of dense fog around towards RAIGAD....

So clicking the group photo,we packed our belongings and ready to start बोरात्याची नाळ day -2. This time we decided not to descend rather climb hill besides the ridge.Thinking was, there we could get proper path so that we could descend on easy way. So started climbing around 7:15 AM in the clock.

This time I was leading the way,We were walking in the dense literally dense even sun rays were not able to hit the earth.Till no proper path to descend,so we cross the hill and decided to go on next. In this way,we crossed 2 hills and time for 3rd one,but it was more dangerous to cross.So we turned back and started descending 2nd one only. 

The way was not at all easy. It was more steep descend than rock patch in the ridge.This time Nikhil and Indra were ahead for finding path and Rishi,Prasad and me were following the same.

So After around 2 hours of wandering and finding the way in dense forest,we got out of that and again we connected to ridge. After descending some little little steep we got  fantastic natural swimming pool on the way in the ridge .We were excited to get wet by jumping in that ,but later thought we were having still long way to finish. So we started walking and we could see the path towards the village now. Finally we could see the ground level.Thank god.It was big Sigh of relief.

Now the water from the ridge was converted into flow of river comprising the water from SINGAPURCHI NAAL(सिंगपुराची नाळ ) also. And the name of the river is nothing but the KAAL(काळ नदी ).

So around 10:15 AM in the clock,we were completely at ground level after descending around 2700 feet ridge.Turning back we got excellent view of the ridge.Heading towards village,we asked one farmer about the name of the village.He told us this is the DAPOLI(दापोली ).

Being on the ground level,we were enjoying breathtaking views of Lingana,Railing,Raigad,boratyachinaal,singapurchi naal,Konkan diva,etc.

After reaching Dapoli,we asked at one house whether they can prepare food for us.Meantime of getting lunch ready,we got fresh by taking bath near WALANKOND(वाळण कोंड ) in the kaal river.After finishing lunch and sightseeing in the village,We started our return journey towards MAHAD(महाड़ ) .From Mahad we were supposed to catch the bus for Pune.

So this was most adventurous trek,we ever had. It was all about team spirit,co-ordination among us. Without getting anyone panic,facing whatever situations came on the way,helping each other while descending,We could successfully completed this trek.It was overall fantastic experience for lifetime.

Enjoy the walking,Save and keep the nature clean and green.

Thanks and Keep Trekking,
Sandip Wadaskar


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  2. kya baat hai yaar..........सह्याद्री मधली पायाखालची गार जमीन आणि आकाशात पडलेलं रात्रीचं पांढरशुभ्र चांदणं हेच आमच्या साठी फाइव स्टार .आणि डोंगर दर्यातून येणारी मंद वाऱ्याची झुळूक हा आमचा एयर कंडिशनर ...कसं ?? स्वस्तात मस्त .........mast ekdum mast

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  4. Wow...Seems to be the most challenging route! Photos and descriptions are so informative! Thanks for sharing it buddy! Special thanks to Prasad who has put all the labels on the photos!

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  7. Shital Joshi (Madhura Khisti)30 April 2013 at 15:45

    Funta-bulous blog.. I can experience most thrilling part of this trek by reading this but still I'm having wish that "kadhi tari mala pn he karaychay.. :)"
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  17. Ek number mitra photo pan khup khas ahet 👌


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