A jungle Trek to Vasota

I was very much desperate for the big trek that to be kind of never been felt thrilling . Before that I had done with small trek, but wanted to do something different. So I just asked my friends to go for the same .It was winter, the month of Jan being the best season for trekking. Fortunately I saw the notification regarding the jungle trek to vasota on the website of Giridarshan Trekking club (One of the best trekking clubs in Pune) and decided to go for that. I asked Rhishi and colleagues Ramesh about this, they both confirmed to come. So we started to count down for going to Vasota.

As we were going with trekking club, didn't worry about travelling plan. We were supposed to leave on Saturday night at around 10:00 PM by bus, so we started arranging trekking things (like torch, cam, sack, water bottles, etc.) from Saturday morning itself, as this was our big one. We got everything ready and decided to meet at GTC’s office.

We were very excited about the trek and were waiting at GTC’s office for bus to come. We were around 80-84 trekkers. Meanwhile Ramesh bought something eatables. Around 11:00 PM we started our journey towards Vasota. 

A temple at Bamnoli where we spend night

For that we have to reach Bamnoli, which is base village of Fort Vasota.So we headed towards Bamnoli and reached at the same place on Around 3:30 AM in the Sunday morning. There is one enough big temple to stay for 60 -80 people in the Bamnoli village. The trek leaders instructed us to take rest and to wake up early in the morning at 7:00 AM.

Early in the morning at Bamnoli

So accordingly we woke up in morning and finish our activities, took breakfast and gathered near Shivsagar Lake for everyone’s introductions. We got introduced to all our trek leaders and trekkers and told to follow instructions as per leaders. After introductions we were waiting for boat trips to be launched.

Koyna dam back water

Bamnoli, in Satara district, one of the best tourist destinations to visit in monsoon/winter. You can get awesome view of Shivsagar Lake, like being around European lake destination. The village is around 30 km from Satara and 140 km from Pune.

Beautiful view of Shivsagar lake,waiting for boat to be launched

After waiting for some time, on around 10:00 AM, we started our boat ride towards fort Vasota. We started capturing beautiful images in our cameras.

Backwater of koyna dam

We could experience awesome atmosphere while riding through this Koyna dam backwater. We’re feeling great while going through that clean water, one could see the reflections of sun rays in that water. 

Around the lake,Lush green forest

Dense forest

One could see the water level indicator

Being lush green trees around both the banks of lake, it took around 1 and 1/2 hours to reach Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary from where we would start trekking.

Reaching entrance to the tiger Sanctuary

Welcome by Forest Department

A very rare temple with Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh together

Fort Vasota comes under Tiger Project (forest department).We have to take prior permissions from the forest authorities and can be done on the same day as you plan your trek from Bamnoli. This was taken care by trekking club.

There are two forts actually. The old Vasota and new Vasota. The old Vasota is not easily accessible. We were supposed to hike new Vasota.

The only water source before reaching the top

So we started walking at around 12:00 PM.  On entering the into jungle , there is Hanuman temple. Beside that temple, there is small pond of water .Leaders instructed us to take enough water be filled in water bottles. 

Somewhere Sun rays not reachable to earth

Being very dense forest of Vasota, at some place on the way ,The sun rays are not allowed to touch earth. We were enjoying every moment of walking. The trek leaders instructed us not to make any noise so that placid (dead silence) of the jungle can be maintained.

Koyna back water from half of the distance

Heading towards the top, we noticed the temple of Mahadev on the way. On reaching around half of the distance, we rewarded with some spectacular views of Shivsagar Lake and the water way from where we got here. We forgot all the tensions in life within a moment and just enjoying the beauty of nature, we thanked god for giving us this wonderful gift of world.

Destructed Temple at the top

Babu Kada

On Around 3:30 PM in clock, we reached the top of the fort. We started wandering on fort. We were enjoying spell bounding views of Babukada. There is no special construction on the fort, but having one dilapidated temple there. After some sightseeing, we got hungry. And then that was the time for lunch!

Beautiful Nageshwar Peak

We finished lunch and took rest for a while. Again after energizing ourselves, we started walking on the fort for sightseeing and getting some beautiful snaps of Nageshwar peak in cameras and most importantly in our eyes that never been deleted from our eternal memories. That was just greatttttt!!!!!!!!

On return journey

Sunset at Bamnoli

After that we commenced our return walking. Reaching Bamnoli at around 6:15 PM in the evening, Sunset was looking great, we captured last image of the sun and got ourselves ready for travelling towards Pune.

Trek Details
History:  Fort Vasota was belonged to Raja Bhoj of Panhala(1178–1193). Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj brings the fort in Swarajya in 1655 and renamed as Vyagragad, because of its difficult natural defense. As usual British bombarded the fort in 1818 destroying the structures such as Daru-Kothar,Chandika Mandir,Mahadev temple,etc. Today we can see the only Mahadev temple in dillapited state on the fort. 

Height:3842 ft above sea level


Distance from Pune: 140 km, we have to reach Bamnoli first from where we can hire boat launch to reach entrance to the Sanctury. It takes 1 and 1/2 hr to reach by boat. From entrance it will take approximately 3-4 hrs to reach the top.

Sightseeing:Babu kada,Nageshwar Peak,Mahdev Temple and if you are planning in Aug-Oct,you can enjoy awesome views of Kas-Pathar the valley of flowers and ofcourse Tapola.

Accommodation:There is enough big temple at Bamnoli to spend the night and you can get breakfast too in the morning at the nearer snacks center.


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  10. In monsoon the jungles will be at their best. Can we go there in Jun-Jul? I mean if there are any restrictions from Govt. or administrative depts.?

    1. yes.... first there is restriction from gov as water level in Koyna backwater is high and second it is very difficult to manage with leeches(JALU)...so plan after Sept

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    1. Hi Shrikant, What is your experience? Have you been there? I'm making a trek there soon. Would you like to join?

  15. Nice.I am also like such a trek. If anybody arrange,plz contact me on sagar.ha45@gmail.com

  16. Nice.I am also like such a trek. If anybody arrange,plz contact me on sagar.ha45@gmail.com

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    hi sandip, very nice information,good post, i am planing to visit vasota on 10th may 2015 is it a good time to visit pl. reply

  18. Jay: I m planning to visit on 9th May 2015

  19. Is entry to fort closed now a days ie., between 02 July 2015 to 10 July 2015???

  20. Nice Information about Vasota Trek
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  21. I would like to add something.

    All websites speak about trekking Vasota from Bamnoli. But there is one more route which is more time consuming and one which tests your endurance.

    From Pune, hop on a bus to Chiplun (in Konkan). From Chiplun, take a bus to Choravane village which is about 1 hour journey and start ascending the Nageshwar- Vasota from Choravane. Its truly amazing. we took about 5 hours ascending. You can completely skip the boating and the hefty fees of the boat ride.
    This route is for those who have a small group and are not willing to pay boating charges also, more importantly trekkers need more patience and endurance if you choose this route. Try and do let me know.

    1. Can going to vasota via choravne is allowed by forest Department n this route is safe for going??

    2. Can going to vasota via choravne is allowed by forest Department n this route is safe for going??

  22. can we halt at night at vasota ,, does the forest depart give permission for staying on the fort ????

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