Breathtaking views of Kumbharli ghat from Jangli Jaigad

We were on the jungle trek to Vasota with Rhishi and Ramesh. Enjoying dense forest of one of the most adventurous trek, The Vyaghragad (the forest of Tigers) around the backwater of Koyna dam. Being with the Giridarshan Trekking club, we were discussing about the next venture by them i.e. Trek to Janglee Jaigad. Listening the interesting facts about the fort,it seemed like it is more thrilling one as compared to Vasota. At that moment only we decided to go for this trek.

So officially it was second trek with GTC in a year(2011). Unfortunately Rhishi and Ramesh both were having some priority work, so they were not able to join for this. Then I asked Tushar and Avinash,they agreed and excited too to come. That was the first time when Avinash was going out for trekking and Tuhsar was having little bit experience.

Accordingly we packed the necessary things and gathered at GTC’s Sadashiv Peth Office at around 10:00 PM on Saturday night. As usual there were around 30-35 trekkers with us and were excited to start journey towards Navja (Base Village of Jaigad).

Starting our Journey towards Koyna nagar from Pune, we reached there at around 3:30 AM in the Sunday morning. We set out our bed there at Koyna nagar Bus stand itself and trek leaders instructed us to take rest till 7:00 AM. Tushar was feeling sleepy and decided to go to bed. So leaving him behind, Avinash and me went out for some walking.We were experiencing pin drop silence here in the rural roads,wow. After walking around 1 to 2 KM we went to bed.

Waking up early in the morning, we finished our activities and breakfast. We got introduced ourselves to other trek members and hailing and roaring in the name of Chhatrapti Shivaji Maharaj, we headed towards the fort.

There is village called Navaja ,base village for Jaigad and is around 10-12 km from KoyanaNagar. The forts comes under the Sahyadri Tiger reserve and so need prior permission to visit. Actually there are two forts in Ratnagiri district with the same name Jaigad.One is based near Konkan coastal,called as Jaigad and another is surrounded by dense forest of Sahyadri ranges and called as Jangli Jaigad.This is what we were going to trek.

So in half an hour ,we reached Navja and stopped outside at entry gate of reserve for getting pass to visit the fort.

Being the month of May(Summer),We imagined extreme hot wind might be around, but reaching here the picture was totally different.We were feeling cool atmosphere and dense fog around.Also lush green forest due to giant koyna project.This is the reason I always crazy about western ghat and cant stop thinking and talking about this.Co-incidentally the 1st May,Foundation day of Maharashtra. So considering all scenarios it was fantastic morning. 

Meanwhile,our trek leaders were busy in managing entry pass,we started our photo session there itself.After some time we got the permission and entered into the reserve. Due to possibility of getting lost in the forest,the trek leaders decided to take help of local guide and started walking in the jungle.

The Jangli Jaigad, very less visited by trekkers as there are no such historical construction or any fortification.But one can enjoy walking in the green forest even in the extreme summer,explore the dangerous creatures,snakes,insects,etc and if lucky(?????) one can get the appearances of wild animals and the last but not least, spectacular view of Kumbharli ghat which is the only way to connect Karad and Chiplun.

So were walking along with experiencing peace of mind in the shadow dense trees.Even in the summer,we were feeling cool air here. Exploring the trees,plants,creatures,we reached the fort. we headed towards the top to experience breathtaking view of Kumbharli ghat and koyna backwater. We started capturing the it was just fantabuloustic,no words to describe.We did the lot of photo session there,discussing about extraordinary beauty of god's creativity.We were shooting every view,we getting there.

And that was the time for Sun then,sucking the water from our body around 1:00 to 1:30 PM in the clock.feeling hot,as being out of forest.

We got relaxed after sitting beneath the shadow of one tree.Finished lunch.Getting ourselves charged with food and water,we made big sound by roaring in the name of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and started return journey towards base village.

 Due to dense forest,there is possibility of getting lost. And we are talking about the same and we lost,scattered in 3-4 groups.The guide was with one. After giving lot of calls to every others and identifying the signs, we made while climbing.We got descend,getting all together successfully.

We reached Navja camp at around 4:00 to 4:30 PM.After walking towards the bus for half an hour,we headed towards Koyna Nagar.Reaching there we packed our tank with evening snacks and tea and started journey towards Pune........


This was another wonderful experience with Giridarshan Trekking Club

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